Anaerobic Digestion is a multi-faceted process and has a number of different benefits:

Waste Management

AD stabilises organic wastes and prevents unwanted pollution

– Slurry smells are removed
– Pathogens are eliminated
– Weed seeds are destroyed

Nutrient Management

gg_smalltractorOrganic wastes, including animal manures, contain valuable nutrients, but significant proportions are locked up in unavailable forms. The AD process retains all the nutrients and, importantly, converts them into available forms enabling a farm to plan its nutrient management and reduce its use of fossil fuel dependant mineral fertilisers.


 Renewable Energy

gg plantAD produces renewable energy in the form ofbiogas. Biogas can be used either in a conventional boiler, or as the fuel for a combined heat & power (CHP) unit.




Food WasteAgricultural residues including animal waste such as cattle and pig slurry, manure, feed waste and bedding.
Purpose grown crops cultivated for their high calorific value eg maize silage, grass silage and whole crop cereals.
Industrial, commercial and domestic food waste.