Green Generation transforms unused food products into renewable energy.

Here at Green Generation we process unused food products and transform it into renewable energy.

What we do

We convert food waste into renewable energy and repurpose food waste packaging into high-value products

About Us

Green Generation is an indigenous Irish company harnessing the power of  the circular economy.


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Welcome to Green Generation

We are an Irish company, using anaerobic digestion to convert agricultural and food waste to renewable energy.

We harness natural microbial activity to break down organic waste into biogas and an organic fertilizer byproduct. Our biogas is upgraded to “biomethane” which is then used as a clean transport fuel injected into the natural gas grid. We are also tackling the global plastics problem head-on. With our innovative sister company, Paltech, we use patented technology to reuse packaging from food waste to produce high value products like telegraph poles and motorway bollards.

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